*UPDATE* From 1st October – PLEASE READ

After Boris Johnson’s announcement to the House of Commons this lunchtime, Soccer Kings UK can confirm that all our OUTDOOR LEAGUES will remain on.

Mr Johnson has just told the country that a range of measures could be in place for up to six months, including the early closing of pubs and plans to allow supporters into sporting events from October 1st scrapped.

But crucially he confirmed no change to Covid-safe outdoor sports – which he announced last week were exempt from the so-called “Rule Of Six”.

That amounts to great news for our hundreds of thousands of players across the UK, who have been thrilled to get back on the pitch after the lockdown was lifted this summer.

It has been nothing short of vital for the physical and mental health of players across the nation, with communities everywhere feeling the benefits, which thanks to Mr. Johnson’s announcement today, can continue.

When the leagues returned in June, with Guernsey the first to restart, they did so with a raft of new rules, including players paying by card, not cash and not being allowed within two meters of the referee.

We have also worked with all our venues to provide a Risk Assessment and track and trace systems are in place. Your league referee or coordinator will tell you more on the night you play.

*All of our new and existing 5 & 6 a side OUTDOOR adult leagues will start/restart from July 2020*

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