Rules & Regulations –


EACH LEAGUE HAS UP-TO £500 CASH PRIZES PER SEASON IF 10 TEAMS OR MORE COMPETING PER SEASON. But if less teams are competing, please see our agreed re-framed schedule below (this is based on how many teams enter & compete per league, per season).

10 or more – 1st £300  2nd £125  3rd £75

8-9 teams –  1st £200   2nd £75   3rd £50

6-7 teams –  1st £100   2nd £50


All leagues will have seasonal special individual prizes such as ‘Soccer Kings player of the season’ & ‘Man of the Match player of the season’- All league games are between 30-35 minutes per week depending on which league you are in. All league fixtures are done within 1 week of the season starting (This will be emailed to you in FULL). We will then update weekly results, tables & highlights on your specific league section via the top bar on the homepage.

– All leagues are between £30-35 PER TEAM, PER WEEK

– All leagues with +12 teams in will ideally be split into 2 divisions. IF this is the case, we will alter the prize money fairly to both divisions meaning both division 1 & 2 will be playing for cash prizes.

– All leagues, events & tournaments will have trained referees and/or FA affiliated referees
– If one of your players is RED carded in a game, they will have a 1 game suspension. If they get RED carded again, the league manager and/or referee have the right to ban that player indefinitely or for a certain period
– Shin pads and sports trainers (or football boots) with plastic blades/studs are required NON-NEGOTIABLE. Plimsoll style shoes, metal studded boots & playing without shin pads are NOT allowed for health & safety reasons – why put yourself at risk! (The referee and/or league manager has the right not to let you play if they deem this as unsafe or a risk to others)
– IF you do not pay your weekly match fees in FULL the league manager may not submit your result, or alternatively if you did win that game and still haven’t paid in full by the time agreed, we will offer the result to the opposition as a 2-0 win in their favor – organise your team right from the start. It’s only £5-6 per week per person if you have a 6 team squad (And of course less if you have more squad players per week)

– *Every corporate event & tournament* will have a on-site coordinator throughout the day. They will give info, provide updates and organise the state of play from start to end.
– *Every corporate event & tournament* will have a presentation with trophies either on site at the end of play or if you wish to pay an extra cost we can organise a selected venue in the evening (again depending on which format you choose or which suits)